Fleetwood Chiropratic & Massage Therapy

Serving the people of Surrey, our goal is to provide education about, and treatment for spine and spine related conditions. Accurate diagnosis, treatment and advice on prevention are core to all of our health services.

Back problems are common conditions affecting everyone at some time, for which chiropractic treatment and registered massage therapy is readily available.

If you or a family member experience an injury or pain common to areas including the low back or neck region, contact the office. No referral is required for chiropractic treatment, but should be noted that some insurance providers require a doctor’s referral for RMT.

Active Release Technique

A.R.T. is a movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

Massage Therapy

Manipulation of soft body tissues including muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments, can enhance a person’s health and well-being.

Laser Therapy

This technology involves the application of light energy of specific wavelengths and power levels on injured and/or abnormal tissues.


Learn more about custom made medical appliances designed to correct your specific foot imbalance, and restore the normal balance and alignment of your feet.

Spine Health

Many of us take our spine for granted when it is healthy. Once we feel pain however, we begin to understand how our spine affects our lives much more than we initially thought.

Your spine, also referred to as the backbone, is made up of 24 vertebrae that form a column. This column spans your entire torso, from the base of your skull, all the way down to your pelvis. Discs made of a gel like substance contained in fibrous tissue are found in between each vertebra. These discs absorb shock and allow for motion along the spine. Through the centre of the column is the spinal cord, encased by the vertebrae for support and protection. The spinal cord is connected directly to the brain by way of the brain stem. Nerves branch off from the spinal cord to connect all areas of the body to the brain.

The main functions of your spine are:


  • To protect your spinal cord and related essential nerves
  • To give structure and connection for our hips, legs, shoulders and arms
  • To serve as an attachment to muscles that enable movement
  • To provide framework and support for skull and ribs

Because the spine is so inter-connected with other body systems, it is important to consider proper spine care and injury prevention. To ensure the health of your spine it is important to:

  • Be Active (and smart about your activity)
  • Eat Well
  • Reduce Stress

Chiropractors can provide additional recommendations and advice specific to your own individual needs and capabilities.

I came to see Dr. Thai for pain that was in my lower leg and down my left leg. The results have been excellent; I am now able to sit in a chair for a longer period of time and sleeping is no problem. My experience has just confirmed my beliefs in chiropractic treatments over conventional options.

Joanne P. – Retiree

I came to see Dr. Thai for pain I was feeling in my left shoulder, which ran down to my elbow, for pain in my left hip flexor, and in the back of my neck. Results of my treatment occurred very quickly, and I even experienced relief from my shoulder pain after the very Nrst session! I feel very positive about chiropractic therapy, have told many of my friends, family and colleagues about its beneNts, and would highly endorse it to anyone looking for solutions to their pain.

Tracy S. – Registered Nurse